Friday, January 1, 2010

Unable To Lose Belly Fat ? Top Mistakes Which Keeps Belly Fat

If you are unable to reduces belly fat then there are chances that you are putting your efforts improperly.

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Ab Exercises - Most of you when trying to develop flab abs or six pack abs do excess ab exercise assuming that it might help you lose belly fat. But that is not correct, it only helps you tone ab muscles. Rather you perform aerobics and resistance training to shed of that fat along with enough nutrition.

Insufficient sleep- Most of you are unaware of importance of sleep. It is not only vital for burning away of fat but also necessary for the proper maintenance of overall health. Watch out for improvement after nourishing your body daily with 7-8 hours of sound sleep.

Inadequate water- Though you may not be used to drinking lot of water but your body requires at least half your body weight in ounces on daily basis to keep you overall healthy. This rule is applicable for losing belly fat as well.

Muscle Training On Back-burner- It is through lean muscle your body will be able to metabolize fat smoothly. Neglecting this workout can keep you away from attaining those desire six pack abs.

Incorrect Cardio- Doing excess of "Low intensity of cardio" will not benefit you much to help you lose belly fat. I suggest you rather do "high intensity cardio" to accomplish better results.

Diet Pills- Magic pills is a misnomer for diet pills. I highly recommend you to maintain a fair distance from such pills. In most case you end up spoiling your health. I can`t ensure that whether you will lose weight or not but your wallet will definitely lose it.

Insufficient Diet- Try spreading the intake of your meal through out the day for 5-6 times instead of regular 3 times. That will uprise you metabolism.

Eating late- Late night eating slows down your metabolic rate. This is due to your interruption in the ability of your body to metabolize fat mainly when your intake is high in carbs.

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