Saturday, January 9, 2010

Eating Honey To Lose Weight Fast

Honey is the best source of natural sugar. Due to this honey is recommended in lieu of refined sugar. Unlike natural sugar, refined sugar has no nutrients but just void calories which is totally unhealthy for a human body.

Why is honey preferred ?

Honey is the best natural sweetener. It has got 22 amino acids and other important minerals which helps in effective and healthy weight loss. Mineral present in it prevents obesity.

Adding honey to lemon juice and consuming it as a break fast would give you a noticeable weight lose in the shortest time. It happens due to the effect of anti-celluite treatment which increases metabolic rate and facilitates rapid weight loss.

Take little honey and blend it you with cinnamon powder and add to a cup full of boiling water and drink. This can do wonders to your weight loss.

Honey can improve your digestion as well. Excess weight can lead to constipation. Natural sugar gets easily digested easily and honey is the best source of natural sugar.

Honey fuels up your liver. Sound sleep speeds up the fat burning process and increases metabolism which is equal to easy weight loss.

Honey may be comparatively costly than regular sugar but it is worth the benefits it provides.

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