Saturday, January 2, 2010

Avoid Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a natural process which almost every woman faces in this world. Pregnancy is a very crucial phase which brings about a lot of physiological changes in a woman`s body.

The best advice to a pregnant woman is to eat everything moderately. The advice to eat for two is outdated and does not fit to keep you healthy as per modern research. Your baby take his/her required nutrition from the food you take, so no question of eating for two. General rule for good healthy intake should suffice.

Gaining of weight is natural during the gestation period. The normal weight gain is between one and half and two stones during this period. The weight you gain during your pregnancy is inclusive of your baby and the fluid surrounding it and the extra weight is the result of the enlarged womb. Weighing more than that would be difficult to lose after pregnancy. How would you discover that the weight gained is yours or the baby`s?

To know that- measure the top of your thighs throughout your pregnancy. If your weight is constant through out the pregnancy then it is the baby who is growing and not you.

Tips to remember in order to avoid extra gains during pregnancy:

• Avoid excessive sugar or fatty food as these are tasty but not suitable for the stability of your weight.

• Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits with lean meat or fish.

• Do not forget that potatoes and bread are not fattening unless you apply butter over them.

• Brown or wheat meal bread is more filling than compared to white.

• Alcoholic drink must be avoided rather fruit juice with sparkling mineral water is a preferable alternative.

• Opt for dried fruits and glass of water, this will help you fill up and prevent constipation.

• Do not ever forget the benefits of moderate regular exercise for a healthy pregnancy.

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