Thursday, December 31, 2009

Benefits of Running - Weight loss plan

No other workout alternative serves better than running does. It helps reduce flabby abs and bulging fat to a greater extent. Now a days every health expert recommends running to lose weight. The result is far better than any other physical workout. You can lose about 2800 calories if you run 25 to 30 per week. You need not increase you pace to fasten your weight loss rather you need to increase your distance at a moderate pace.
You can achieve healthy weight loss through running.

Below are fews tips which you should follow in order to mold your body in desired shape.

1.Make up your mind to undertake a running program so that your body also gets prepared subconciously.

2.Keep your goals realistic - that is to say do not expect over-night results. You have spend some time and effort to achieve your goals.

3. Keep in mind that you have to burn away more calories than you consume then only your effort can yield the desired results. For that to work you have follow a proper diet plan.

4.Beginners should not restrict themselves to a strict diet plan, since running requires energy therefore you can gradually makes changes to your diet.

5. After doing minor changes increase the distance without setting any time limit.

6. Running improperly might harm your tissues and you end up half way to your goal.

7. Running promotes growth hormone which a gives a glow to your face and helps you stay young.
8.Apart from healthy people, cancer patients are also advised to run for the improvement in their condition.

9. Running has positive effect on our immune system as it raises the
number of lymphocytes in the blood.

Apart from above mentioned few tips there are bunch of benefits of running.

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