Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Foods That Boost Metabolism Rate

All of us are born with different metabolism rate, there are certain foods which speed up metabolism. Indeed there are some substances which boost metabolic rate, caffeine is one such substance that boost metabolism. I don't mean to say that by eating some metabolic booster you will be able to lose 10lbs in a day. The point is that you can lose a considerable amount of weight if you take them regularly.

So what are those metabolic boosters:

1. Mustard : It can boost up to 25-30% metabolic rate after few hours of intake.

2. Bananas : Potassium element in banana can in increase metabolism rate thereby burning the fat.

3.Apples : Having an apple a day is a safer way to keep a better control over blood sugar level. Due to apple being rich in fiber it keeps your tummy full for a longer period.Its keeps your blood pressure and cholesterol at a healthy level.

4. Coffee : Not only does coffee help in burning away fat but also triggers digestion. It can boost up to 10% metabolic rate.

7.Tea : Tea triggers our body to release adrenalin which is responsible for releasing the fat from the adipose tissue.

8.Carrot : It is also an excellent metabolic booster especially when consumed in the raw form. Carrot has high nutritional value as well.

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