Sunday, December 27, 2009

Few Important Don'ts To Avoid Weight Gains

Are you fed up of pot like belly ? So here are few tips to get rid off that
offending belly fat. Before you do anything to lose weight, lets first come to know the things that are to be avoided.

#1 The first thing which you should avoid taking is beverages especially
carbonated ones. Avoid soft drinks though you may be fond it. Make water as
your favorite drink instead. Water helps in facilitating weight loss in an
effective manner. But avoid drinking cold water immediately after the meal
give a gap of at least 15 minutes before your drink.

#2 Avoid over stuffing your stomach in one sitting.Eat the same amount of
food in 2 or more sittings. And take time to chew is properly so that it gets digested easily. Switch off the television while eating food because you may forget to keep an account of food you eat.

#3 Do not use vehicle while visiting to a near by store rather go by walk.
That way your body will be in physically active state. You can minimize the
risk of becoming diabetic in the long run. It helps in burning away your

#4 Use smaller plates to serve yourself while you eat. It has been found
through study that less food in front of us means less we will eat.

#5. Avoid eating white food as much possible as it is rich in carbohydrates
which may further contribute to weight gain. Take whole grain bread brown
rice instead of white ones.

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