Monday, January 5, 2009

Natural Way To Burn Fat Using Calorie Shifting Method

Before I get on with the topic let me warn you that if you are neither dedicated nor mentally firm in losing weight then you may not achieve the required result.

Many people rely on diet pills assuming them to be magic pills, initially they may seem it to be the fastest way to lose weight but in reality they slowly spoil your health in the long run.


There is a natural and better way to loss weight and it is know as ‘Calorie shifting method’.

Learn how to calorie shift:

Use ‘calorie shifting method’ for your meal intake. What you usually do is take meal 3 times a day. But the fastest way to lose weight requires you to split up your meal to 4 or 5 times at different intervals instead of 3. With calorie shifting method you eat less such as around 600 calories per meal, but make sure that each meal has a different calorie value. That way you will consume less calories and at the same time it keeps you away from hunger. Snacks are not allowed in between.

It is recommend that you drink around 7 to 10 glasses of water per day.
Drinking lot of water speeds up the process of weight loss as it flushes out the food and help keep metabolism rate high. Most of the people make the mistake of just drinking water and leaving the calorie shifting diet altogether.

Because you are eating meals in different calories your body generates a unique reflex which raise your metabolism and fat burning rate and keeps it high for as long as you are calorie shifting. You lose weight even while you sleep. Taking meals for 4 or more times a day combined with drinking plenty of water is the main idea behind how to calorie shift.

Because this diet is so unusual it goes against the standard dieting rules, so people are quick to dismiss it as a scam. But anyone who tries calorie shifting will discover its potential and find how shocking its weight loss effect is. It is something which has to be seen to believe it.

So if you are looking for a good weight loss program using which you can lose weight quite fast and in a healthy manner without much difficulty, or without exercising much, then here is a good program which uses the above mentioned 'Calorie Shifting method': Fat Loss Solution Many people have reported excellent results after trying it out.
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