Saturday, January 3, 2009

Learn the New Weight Loss Method Which is Totally Free of Dieting and Exercise

The trick I am going to reveal you for losing your weight might sound a bit childish but it has got a lot of potential when it is put to work, it can do wonders in just a couple of days. By spinning, I mean, standing up with arms spread out turning around and around at a comfortable pace.

It is believed that the rate of weight loss is in direct correlation with the feeling of disorientation you receive from spinning around.

Now you might be thinking that am I gone crazy to advice you to spin around?
No, not at all, I have a logical answer to the most obvious question arising in your mind. There is a scientific reason for that.

Your hormones are mainly responsible for allowing you to lose weight. If you are overweight then you definitely have hormonal imbalances. Its virtually impossible to be overweight and be free from this ailment.

The reason for many people who go for diet plans or heavy work-out fail to get the expected result more or else due to hormonal disorders.

Spinning in a circle helps you burn some calories which is the most obvious reason you could draw from it. Instead of burning off calories which it does but very little of, it actually attacks your hormonal imbalances. May be you believe that diet and exercise are the 2 big keys to losing weight but hormonal disorders or imbalance is the least talked about topic when it comes to losing weight.

So what you need to do is to correct hormonal imbalances, that is to spin around in a circle starting with 3-6 times. Do not overdo it since a lot of people get sick from doing this. Make it so you get slightly dizzy, spin the correct number that works for you and do it multiple times a day.

Not only it burns off your extra calories, it also tones up your lower body. Then definitely you will be surprised to see the result this simple tip would bring.

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