Saturday, January 3, 2009

Easy to Follow Dieting Tips

These are not difficult to follow tips yet very effective and proven when it comes to losing weight in a healthy manner and without punishing yourself with starvation.
These weight loss or dieting tips demands no strict diet regime or heavy workouts to be followed in order to loss weight.

The topic of hormone is very less talked about when it come to losing weight. Not many are aware of the importance and role of hormones in weight loss.

Role of hormones in weight loss:

Hormones play a vital role when it comes to losing or gaining weight. A hormone is a chemical messenger from a cell in the body. Unbalance in the hormones could trigger either of the results. i.e. weight gain or loss. They are responsible for regulating metabolism in our body. Regular exercise produce more hormones in our body which in turn increases the metabolic rate, and therefore helps in reducing weight. But in most of the people heavy eating habits and immobility is mainly responsible for weight gains.

Healthy dieting habits:

  • Fiber has lot of benefits when it comes to losing weight. It is very necessary to understand the importance of fiber if you are really serious about losing weight.
  • Eat lots of black beans and other types of beans as they are known for being rich in fiber.
  • Black beans in particular are high in proteins. Fiber helps you eat less, but helps you keep filled up for a longer time period.
  • Proteins control appetite and also boost metabolism. Metabolism is the rate at which which calories are burnt.
  • Have an apple before each meal so that you get filled up and eat less thus reducing the quantity of calories you consume.
  • In order to avoid getting bored you can eat salad as well before your meals.
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables as they are high in nutritional value and rich in fiber which is useful in weight loss. By doing so you will be reducing 20 to 30% of your calorie intake.
  • Stop taking soda, soft drinks and coffee. By cutting down the intake of these 3 things you could stop tremendous increase in your calories thereby putting a curb to your weight gain.
  • Avoid junk food such as cakes, pastries, chocolates etc as they are rich in fat.
  • Do not eat sugary items, as sugar is also responsible for increase in weight gain and many other diseases.

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