Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Health Hazards Diet Pills Pose

Diet pills can be extremely harmful for your health. There are quite a few reasons why you should believe me and stay away from them. Just read on to know their bad effects on your health. You should know that diet pills might not help you in losing weight after sometime. What most of the them do is suppress you appetite in order to minimize your intake of calories. But as you lower your intake of calories, your metabolism rate too might go down. Metabolism rate refers to the rate at which calories are burnt.

Therefore slower metabolism means slower weight loss. So after sometimes you will notice you will not lose weight as you were losing initially. So its not a long term solution for weight loss.
The side effect of diet pills range from seizures, irregular heartbeat, heart problems, nervousness, hair loss, high blood pressure and many more. These problems are found in the people who embark on them.

The ingredients found in those pills such as namely ephedrine and phentermine can also cause many harmful side effects. Prolonged use of phentermine is known to cause vomiting, dry mouth, nausea, blurred vision etc.

Ephedrine causes heart attacks, and seizures. It has been linked to many deaths by heart attacks. It can also cause sleeplessness and nervousness.

Even though many people are buying and using diet pills despite of their bad effects on health they do not realize what damage they can be doing to their health. Most of the pills are not controlled and approved by FDA. Most of the companies are out their to just make quick money without realizing the threat they are posing to peoples health by endangering their lives.

Just losing weight should not be your only objective, rather losing it in a healthy way is the key to successful weight loss. Eat healthy and always keep your self active, eat more of fruits and vegetables and apart from that drink sufficient amount of water everyday and do moderate level of exercise and last but not least strictly avoid junk food which could easily add fat to you body thereof defeating you goal of weight loss.

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