Saturday, January 3, 2009

Know What You Have Lost - Fat Or Water

Any kind of diet for starving like that of Atkins or any other dieting technique will only make you lose water out of your body instead of fat. it is clear through research that water constitutes 60% of your body weight and 60% of the weight loss is due to water. there is only loss of water when you look, forward for a quick weight loss in a starving diet.

Once you stop dieting you recover the amount of water lost by your body and further your body feels re-hydrated. loss of excessive amount of water out of your body is immensely harmful for your physical body health .Therefore you need to be very careful and be precautious and do not get excited if you start losing weight because it might be your water loss and not weight loss which your body is experiencing.

It is always preferred to refrain ourselves from diets which strictly ask you to starve . A preferable option for a weight loss in a healthy manner is a series of healthy diet plan to be followed seriously with interest. A light exercise along with a healthy diet plan is a best option to be considered.

The side effects of starving will only conclude with considerable drop down in your rate of metabolism and the rate of weight loss will also not be as it was initially. Do not go on for diets which are responsible for excessive decrease in your metabolic rate. The high increase in, intake of raw vegetables and fruits combined with an high intake of water will actually help you out in loss of weight and not water out of body.

It is discovered through German research that metabolic rate is increased by 30% due to consumption of water In excess amount. The rate at which the calories are burned is well known as metabolic rate. The more increased metabolic rate, higher will be the weight loss.

It is always preferred to avoid soft drinks including energy drinks and to increase the intake of water which helps in reducing calories and results in better health.

Merits of drinking more water are as follows:

• It increases the rate of digestion of food with a great high speed.
• The more water you drink the less it retains.
• The metabolic rate increases highly with the intake of water.
• Water is drunk particularly in the morning in large quantities for best health results.
• Intake of water at a high rate is the best option for weight loss. It acts as a base to reach the terminus.

If your food includes low calorie food on a daily base pattern then it is highly impossible for your body to glean the required nutrition from your low calorie diet. The ultimate outcome of your diet intake could be adverse for your health and it would dispossess you of your proper nutrition. And after a span of time you retrieve back the weight you lost. Therefore the loss of water out of your body is not at all good as it does not help in losing body weight.

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