Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why People Fail To Lose Weight -Despite Trying Numerous Weight Loss Programs

You might have wondered over your unsuccessful attempts to lose weight. You might have tried numerous weight loss programs but to your disappointment none of them helped you achieve your desired figure.

Now it is the time to investigate the possible underlying cause for your consecutive failures.

Common reasons due to which most of the people fail to lose weight.

1. Unable to Adhere to Diets: Not many people are able to adhere to a diet plan - even for a week. It is due to this reason many people fail to shed their extra pounds. Initially they may act upon the diet plan but later fail to continue with them.Then after few days you start on a new program and this cycle continues leaving you at a place where you started.

2. Nutrition Deficiency: Most of the diet plans deprive you of the essential nutrients which are required for a healthy body. Therefore you end up spoiling your health. Dropping of metabolism rate can be one of the negative impact on your health. Rate of weight loss also drops if metabolic rate goes down.

3. Consequences of not dieting: Suppose you have completed your dieting program and succeeded in losing few pounds. The question that arise now is for how long you will be able keep it off? Before getting on to a dieting
program you were used to some unhealthy eating habits due to which you had gained weight.
Is it not likely for that to happen again in the future? Many diet plans do not show you the way to keep the weight off after losing it.
That is main reason for the failure of many fad diets you go for.
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