Wednesday, December 30, 2009

4 Amazing Foods Which You Never Believed Can Ever Help You Burn Belly Fat

So you want to learn about the magic food that can help you lose belly fat. There is no single food or group of foods which can help you lose fat. Losing weight and losing fat is not the same thing. After losing weight you may still be having that flabby skin drooping off you.

By exercising your muscles, you will be able to burn away those fatty tissues present in your body. So you need regular exercising in order to burn away that fat. Our body takes more effort to process proteins than it takes to process carbohydrates or fats. It does not mean that you get on to only proteins and cut down carbohydrates, fiber etc. You should take a balanced diet and make sure that your body does not fall deficit for a particular food or group of foods.

Below is the list of foods which you never thought could help you burn away fat.

Butter of Peanuts: It might come to you as a surprise but its true, two tablespoons of this small treat daily will help you lose fat.

Eggs: It has been discovered through research that people who eat eggs every morning lose more weight than their counterparts. Eggs are packed with tons of vitamin B-12 which rapidly metabolize fats.

Cheese: A study done at University of Wisconsin revealed that parmigiano cheese is low in calorie and high in protein compared to other dairy products. In addition to that it is rich in calcium which secretes fat burning hormones.

Cold Green Tea: It has been proven that those who drink 4 cups of tea burn 266 extra calories than those who do not. It consist of antioxidants which accelerates metabolism thereby helping in reducing fat.

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"4 Amazing Foods Which You Never Believed Can Ever Help You Burn Belly Fat"